The Museum Experience

girl looks at exhibit Be fascinated, inspired and filled with wonder as you explore the Museum Experience at The Hershey Story. Each of the five permanent, engaging, interactive exhibits tells you a pivotal part of Milton Hershey’s amazing rags to riches journey.

Discover the town through immersive exhibits and engaging interactives, as well as a digital state-of-the-art model of the community. See how this community became the cornerstone of one man’s legacy through interactive touch-screens and mini-theaters. Over 10,000 square feet of space has been devoted to Hershey—the man, the company and the town.

family looks at museum exhibit Visitors can become Milton Hershey’s apprentice and receive a special booklet that will help them discover the Chocolate King’s secrets to success. By answering questions and solving puzzles throughout the Museum Experience, their efforts will be rewarded along the way, culminating with a commemorative coin and a personalized newspaper page.

Preschoolers can enjoy their own scavenger hunt, "I Spy" in the Museum Experience, at no cost. Please ask for a free hunt at the admissions desk or print a copy here.

Admission fees apply to the Museum Experience. Click for admission prices.


Failures to Fortunes

Learn about Milton Hershey’s impoverished childhood, apprenticeships, early business failures and ultimate successes.
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Sweet Innovations

Discover how Mr. Hershey inspired creativity among his employees as he introduced milk chocolate mass production techniques.
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Power of Promotion

Find out how Milton Hershey utilized creative promotional strategies to become the number one U.S. chocolate-maker.
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Hershey Builds Hershey

Explore the development of the Hershey Community, which by 1915, boasted the largest chocolate factory in the world, and grew to include numerous educational and cultural opportunities.
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A Living Legacy

Celebrate over 100 years of Milton Hershey’s legacy, including his generous gifts to educational and cultural institutions.
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Special Exhibit Gallery

Located on the first floor of The Hershey Story is a 2,000 square-foot Special Exhibit Gallery. This space provides visitors with an in-depth look at important Hershey stories as they related to what was happening in the larger world. Exhibits include in-house productions as well as traveling shows supplemented with artifacts from The Hershey Story permanent collection.

The Hershey Story | 63 West Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, PA 17033 | 717.534.8939

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